Grace Century, FZ LLC is an international marketing research and private equity firm

We’re Selective

Today, breakthrough technology projects are being introduced to the commercial world at an unprecedented speed. Many new innovations are coming from universities, private research and industry. Also, the response to unparalleled changes in Federal Government involvement in the private sector has stimulated greater innovation and technology development. This environment creates rare investment opportunities for those who are aware, informed, and positioned correctly. Grace Century has its finger on the pulse on the world of developing technology. We select only the most innovative and future-proof projects for our members. This ensures that the investment opportunities offered to the angel investors and venture capitalists we work with have the highest potential return and the lowest potential risk.


What We Do

Grace Century closely monitors a wide range of industrial sectors. We look for major changes within sectors, ascertaining whether these are a result of technology, legislation, or pending demographics .We also have an established global network of strategic alliances. This includes hedge funds, venture capital firms, universities, and entrepreneurs. Our network has been groomed over 25 years of involvement with all aspects of business. These alliances and partnerships act as sources, bringing the highest quality projects with specific risk-reward parameters. Once a company or project has been identified in an industry niche as a “game changer,” extensive due-diligence is conducted. Grace Century then presents these projects to our accredited client base of angel investors and venture capitalists for investment consideration. For more information please click here to watch our corporate video.


Who Are We

Grace Century FZ LLC is an international private equity and market research firm. We specialize in game-changing investment and venture capital start-up projects. Grace Century represents over 500 angel investors and adventure capitalists from many different global markets. We screen hundreds of different investment projects to identify the true commercial “game-changers”. Our members benefit from the early-growth projects we diligently research and identify as high-potential investment opportunities. Grace Century’s experience, knowledge and network of alliances ensure that only the best venture capital projects reach our members.

Grace Century is based in the United Arab Emirates, just North of Dubai. This location offers excellent global connectivity and world-class infrastructure for business.

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