Grace Century, FZ LLC is an international marketing research and private equity firm

We’re Selective

Through rapid advancements and innovation, breakthrough technologies are being introduced at unprecedented speed. These are coming from universities, private research, industry, and the response to unparalleled changes in Federal Government involvement in the Private Sector. These changes create rare opportunities for those who are aware, informed, and positioned correctly.


What We Do:

Grace Century has an established global network of strategically allianced hedge funds, venture capital firms, universities, and entrepreneurs groomed over 25 years of involvement with all aspects of business. These entities act as sources, bringing the highest quality projects, with specific risk-reward parameters, for investment consideration to our accredited client base. Please click on the arrow above to watch our corporate video.


Who Are We?

Grace Century monitors all industries for major changes whether these are a result of technology, legislation, or pending demographics.

Once a company has been identified in an industry niche and which we have categorized as a “game changer,” extensive due-diligence is conducted before introduced to our Clients.

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